Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

Not unless you have a criminal tax matter. Just like a tax attorney, our firm can represent you in any civil tax matter.

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You don't need a Tax Attorney

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You don't necessarily need a Tax Attorney

We are a small Massachusetts tax representation firm consisting of licensed professionals offering prompt personal service and lots of attention. Resolving IRS and state tax problems is all that we do, year round. We represent clients in all 50 states. Representation before the IRS and state taxing authorities is performed by fax, phone, US mail, email, and Fed Ex. As a result, there is no need to physically meet with our clients and we rarely if ever have to meet with the government in person.

Put Our Knowledge to Work for You

It is said that knowledge is power. Without thorough knowledge of how the IRS or state taxing authorities work and thorough knowledge of federal and state tax law, you have no power. As a result, its easy to end up with a horrible outcome that can destroy your life and leave you awake nights unable to sleep.

Over 27 Years of Knowledge and Experience

Our licensed tax professionals are extremely experienced and fully accessible. We have extensive knowledge of internal IRS and state operating procedures as well as federal and state tax law. Our long term relationships and daily interactions with IRS and state tax officials provide a superior level of expertise not found in conventional CPA firms, law firms, or tax preparation firms.

Create Peace of Mind by Solving Your Tax Problems

Avoid the stress of going it alone. Avoid more sleepless nights. Our firm has been representing clients with tax problems for over 27 years. Let our knowledge and experience work for you. Call us today for a confidential consultation to discuss resolution of your tax problems with an experienced licensed tax professional.

Call or contact us now for a FREE Confidential Consultation to discuss solutions to end your IRS and State Tax Problems. While in office consultations are preferred, telephone consultations are also available for your convenience. Fee estimates for any services required are provided at the end of the consultation.