Due Process Hearings

Let us help you request a Due Process Hearing

Many citizens are not aware that new Due Process rights exist under current law. These rights allow taxpayers to contest Federal Tax Liens that have been filed against them and to protest the decision by the IRS to Levy or Seize their assets. Hearings must be requested within the prescribed time allowed after a Federal Tax Lien is filed or Notice of Intent to Levy/Seize has been issued by IRS. Hearings are administered by the IRS Appeals Office. If your request is timely, all collection action will be suspended until a determination is made by Appeals. If you disagree with Appeals’ determination, you have the right to judicial review in U.S. Tax Court or U.S. District Court. Collection action is also suspended while your case is under judicial review. Once the court rules, the decision is binding on both you and the IRS. If your request is not timely filed, a hearing will still be allowed but you can not go to court if you disagree with Appeals’ determination and collection action will not be suspended. Be aware that the Statute of Limitations on Collection is suspended upon requesting a Due Process Hearing. Let us help you request a Due Process Hearing and represent you before the IRS Appeals Office.