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Tax Problem Resolution Success Stories

Salesman Buys Time And Gets Some Breathing Room

Joe owed the IRS about $25,000 and was experiencing severe financial hardship. The IRS had levied his paycheck and left almost nothing for his family to live on. The tax bill seemed to keep growing despite payments from his wage levy. It was a never ending problem. Joe needed help fast! Our firm worked to obtain release of the levy so Joe could breathe again financially and have sufficient funds for his family to survive. Next, we worked to have him declared Uncollectable. This meant Joe wouldn’t have to make any payments on his old tax debt for the next year or two. With collection action suspended for a while, Joe had time to review all the available options to end his IRS problem for good.

Author Gets Short Reprieve From $170,000 Tax Problem

Chris was at wits end about his IRS problem. The stress and anxiety of having such a massive tax debt hanging over his head gnawed at him night and day causing him many sleepless nights. To make matters worse, the IRS was levying his paycheck leaving him and his family virtually destitute, unable to properly care for his severely ailing child. He just did not know what to do. Our firm negotiated removal of the levy on his paycheck as well as an affordable installment agreement that gave Chris the time he needed to review all the options available to resolve his tax problem.

Anguished 30 Year Retailer Avoids MA DOR Seizure And Bank Foreclosure

Henry was at the end of his rope. Mounting pressure from his bank to pay the delinquent balance of his business loan was beginning to become unbearable. He had already obtained two extensions on his loan. They were not going to wait much longer before foreclosing on his business. The MA Department of Revenue was also growing impatient and was about ready to seize his business in order to pay off nearly $50,000 in back taxes. Many corporate excise, sales, and withholding tax returns also needed to be filed. A loan application with a new lender to refinance and pay off his current bank loan was in danger of being rejected due to the state tax liens on his business and personal property. Without that new loan, he would be unable to pay off his current loan and avoid both a bank foreclosure and seizure by the MA DOR. Since he had also personally guaranteed the business loan and was held personally responsible by the MA DOR for the delinquent state taxes, he would lose all of his personal property as well. At age 54, he would have to start all over again and it would be difficult at best to obtain gainful employment after being out of the employment market for 30 years. He was at a loss as to what to do and called us for help. Our firm worked to submit any unfiled tax returns and then negotiated an installment agreement with the MA DOR for the delinquent taxes. This stabilized his tax situation and gave us time to work out the loan problem. Next, our firm negotiated with the MA DOR to obtain priority for the new lender’s mortgage over their state tax liens. As a result, the new loan was approved, the old loan was paid off, the MA DOR received $30,000 towards the delinquent taxes, and Henry’s 30 year old business was saved. The balance of nearly $20,000 in taxes would be paid off over the next 12 months ending his financial and emotional ordeal. Henry was given a new lease on life.

Frustrated Taxpayer Saves $30,000 Ending 10 Year IRS Ordeal

Peter was a silent partner who had invested in a business that had failed some ten years earlier. Due to an incompetent business partner who mismanaged the business, payroll taxes were left unpaid that Peter did not become aware of until many years later when the IRS came knocking at his door. Because the business was a general partnership, Peter was held personally responsible for the unpaid payroll taxes even though he had little involvement in the day to day operations of the business. Peter filed his own Offer In Compromise and thought his tax problem would soon be over. Unfortunately, the IRS thought otherwise. After patiently waiting for nearly a year, they rejected his Offer. Frustrated, he appealed their decision hoping to resolve his problem once and for all. Two years passed and the Offer still had not been accepted. After nearly three years of going it alone, Peter gave up, got smart, and called our firm for help. Our firm determined an Offer was a viable solution but would have to be renegotiated due to many technical errors in the drafting of his Offer. We determined that an abatement of the penalties assessed would achieve the same result in 9 to 21 months less time and for approximately the same cost to refile and renegotiate a new Offer. In about two months time, we negotiated a settlement agreement abating $30,000 in penalties and ending Peter’s problem for good. He was extremely happy it was all over and he could get on with his life.

Time Heals Taxpayer’s Wounds

Stephen was suffering tremendous anxiety. His business had filed bankruptcy many years ago and both the IRS and MA DOR had assessed some unpaid business payroll taxes against him personally. He was stressed out and wanted the problem to just go away. Stephen also desperately wanted to buy a house and knew any tax problem would affect his ability to get a mortgage. Our firm investigated Stephen’s case and discovered that the statute of limitations on collection had already expired. This meant the IRS and MA DOR no longer had any legal ability to collect these old payroll taxes. Legally, he did not owe them. We informed Stephen he did not owe any taxes, worked to obtain release of the liens, and gave him the information he needed to clean up any problem with his credit report. He was greatly relieved and ecstatic his problem was finally over. Stephen was finally now able to obtain a mortgage and purchase that long awaited home.

Bankrupt Woman Saves Over $37,000 In IRS Audit

Lisa had suffered greatly as a result of personal problems, including both a divorce and a personal bankruptcy. She lost everything she owned – including her home. Fortunately, bankruptcy gave her a fresh start and a new lease on life . . . or so she thought! Just when she thought her troubles were over, the IRS came into her life, claiming she owed over $38,000 due to unreported income. As a result of her previous tax preparer’s mistakes in preparing her return, the IRS was demanding over $38,000 that she did not have and was threatening to levy her bank accounts and wages. She was terrified of what would happen. Our firm negotiated a reduction of over $37,000 in her tax bill by invoking a little known tax law relating to taxpayers discharged in bankruptcy. As a result, Lisa paid only $800 in tax. She was relieved beyond words.

Couple Saves $34,000 Over A Year After Their Deaths

Jill was depressed and upset, she had lost both of her parents within the last two years. The IRS was now claiming her deceased mother owed over $40,000 in unpaid taxes. She could not believe what was happening! While she was still in mourning, the IRS threatened to seize her mother’s house – where her siblings still lived. She felt like she was being kicked while she was down. Jill called her attorney, who quickly referred the case to our firm. After investigating the case, our firm discovered Jill’s parents had never filed their 1993 returns. Unfortunately, the IRS decided to file a separate return for her mother which contained several huge errors. Due to a long illness, her father had no taxable income that year. Thus, the IRS didn’t file a separate 1993 return for him. Our firm helped Jill gather her parent’s 1993 tax information together. Next, we determined that her parents qualified to file a joint return that year, even though her father had no taxable income. Our firm prepared and filed a joint return, which Jill signed as executor of both her parents’ estates. As a result, our firm was able to reduce the assessment to just over $5,000. Jill was greatly relieved.

Terrified Couple Avoids Date With U.S. Marshall

Don and Alicia knew they were in serious trouble. They had not filed tax returns for several years and owed the IRS over $240,000. Unfortunately, they had ignored an IRS Summons demanding their appearance before IRS Revenue Officers with records relating to both their personal finances and Don’s business. As a result, IRS Revenue Officers referred the case to IRS attorneys who demanded Don and Alicia’s appearance and the production of their financial records or they would refer the case to the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. At this point they knew they were in BIG trouble. Fear set in and so did procrastination. Like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, Don and Alicia froze and did nothing. It was only a matter of time before things would erupt into an ugly situation. The case was soon referred to the Department of Justice to be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for failure to comply with the IRS Summons. The next step for failure to comply with the Summons would be a date with the U.S. Marshall’s Office. Don and Alicia called our office just two weeks before their scheduled court appearance in U.S. District Court. They met with our firm visibly shaken and extremely upset. Reality set in and they knew it was time to resolve their problem but were terrified of the possibility of a U.S. Marshall arriving at their home with a warrant for their arrest at an ungodly hour. Our firm helped Don and Alicia prepare the tax returns and financial information necessary to get to the negotiating table with the IRS. We then contacted the IRS and the U.S. Department of Justice and negotiated withdrawal of their suit to enforce the Summons, thus avoiding a date with the U.S. Marshall’s Office. With the imminent threat of danger gone, our firm could focus on resolving their overall tax problem.

Small Business Owner Saves $15,000

Jim had not filed returns for seven years. He was petrified of what lay in store for him with the IRS. Fortunately, the IRS had not caught up to him yet but it was only a matter of time before they would. Our firm worked to organize his business records and prepare a set of books for each year. After preparing and filing all his returns, we filed and negotiated an Offer In Compromise settling his delinquent tax liabilities for far less than he originally owed. Jim was glad to be back on track and out of debt with the IRS.

Distraught Taxpayer Saves Over $35,000 Straightening Out Life

Rosemary hadn’t filed returns in quite a few years and she knew she had a serious problem. She knew it was time to straighten out her financial life. Fortunately, the IRS hadn’t caught up to her yet. Our firm worked to get all Rosemary’s returns prepared and filed and then negotiated an Offer In Compromise settling her old liabilities for less than 16 cents on the dollar. She was very grateful to have her tax problems behind her with a clean slate and a bright future ahead.