Bankrupt Woman Saves Over $37,000 In IRS Audit

Lisa had suffered greatly as a result of personal problems, including both a divorce and a personal bankruptcy. She lost everything she owned – including her home. Fortunately, bankruptcy gave her a fresh start and a new lease on life . . . or so she thought! Just when she thought her troubles were over, the IRS came into her life, claiming she owed over $38,000 due to unreported income. As a result of her previous tax preparer’s mistakes in preparing her return, the IRS was demanding over $38,000 that she did not have and was threatening to levy her bank accounts and wages. She was terrified of what would happen. Our firm negotiated a reduction of over $37,000 in her tax bill by invoking a little known tax law relating to taxpayers discharged in bankruptcy. As a result, Lisa paid only $800 in tax. She was relieved beyond words.