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Tax Problem Resolution Success Stories

Businessman Saves $100,000 Ending Financial Disaster

Art was experiencing cash flow problems in his business. He believed in his heart that things would turn around and that his problem was only temporary. Unfortunately, his cash flow problems only got worse. His business just wasn’t making it. To alleviate this “temporary” cash flow problem, Art started borrowing from the IRS bank (ie. his employees’ payroll withholding taxes). He also neglected to file his payroll tax returns for a year and a half. Reality set in and Art knew he had a BIG problem. The IRS was getting impatient waiting for the returns. It was only a matter of time before things came crashing down on his business. Our firm helped Art prepare and file all his payroll tax returns and a few individual tax returns. Next, we negotiated an Offer In Compromise for both his old individual AND business payroll taxes saving him $100,000. Art was grateful that everything was over. His failed business was behind him and he was given a new lease on life.

Contractor Saves $222,000 Cutting Deal With The IRS

Jack was a contractor who had not filed returns for eight years. The IRS had filed returns for him for some of those years and was demanding returns for other years immediately or else! The IRS had levied his paycheck and there was no end in sight. Our firm worked with Jack to prepare and file the missing returns and negotiated a settlement of $8,000 as payment in full for a staggering tax liability of $230,000. Jack was greatly relieved when it was all over and this insurmountable debt off his back. He was given a fresh start and able to get on with his life.