Anguished 30 Year Retailer Avoids MA DOR Seizure And Bank Foreclosure

Henry was at the end of his rope. Mounting pressure from his bank to pay the delinquent balance of his business loan was beginning to become unbearable. He had already obtained two extensions on his loan. They were not going to wait much longer before foreclosing on his business. The MA Department of Revenue was also growing impatient and was about ready to seize his business in order to pay off nearly $50,000 in back taxes. Many corporate excise, sales, and withholding tax returns also needed to be filed. A loan application with a new lender to refinance and pay off his current bank loan was in danger of being rejected due to the state tax liens on his business and personal property. Without that new loan, he would be unable to pay off his current loan and avoid both a bank foreclosure and seizure by the MA DOR. Since he had also personally guaranteed the business loan and was held personally responsible by the MA DOR for the delinquent state taxes, he would lose all of his personal property as well. At age 54, he would have to start all over again and it would be difficult at best to obtain gainful employment after being out of the employment market for 30 years. He was at a loss as to what to do and called us for help. Our firm worked to submit any unfiled tax returns and then negotiated an installment agreement with the MA DOR for the delinquent taxes. This stabilized his tax situation and gave us time to work out the loan problem. Next, our firm negotiated with the MA DOR to obtain priority for the new lender’s mortgage over their state tax liens. As a result, the new loan was approved, the old loan was paid off, the MA DOR received $30,000 towards the delinquent taxes, and Henry’s 30 year old business was saved. The balance of nearly $20,000 in taxes would be paid off over the next 12 months ending his financial and emotional ordeal. Henry was given a new lease on life.