Time Heals Taxpayer’s Wounds

Stephen was suffering tremendous anxiety. His business had filed bankruptcy many years ago and both the IRS and MA DOR had assessed some unpaid business payroll taxes against him personally. He was stressed out and wanted the problem to just go away. Stephen also desperately wanted to buy a house and knew any tax problem would affect his ability to get a mortgage. Our firm investigated Stephen’s case and discovered that the statute of limitations on collection had already expired. This meant the IRS and MA DOR no longer had any legal ability to collect these old payroll taxes. Legally, he did not owe them. We informed Stephen he did not owe any taxes, worked to obtain release of the liens, and gave him the information he needed to clean up any problem with his credit report. He was greatly relieved and ecstatic his problem was finally over. Stephen was finally now able to obtain a mortgage and purchase that long awaited home.