Couple Saves $34,000 Over A Year After Their Deaths

Jill was depressed and upset, she had lost both of her parents within the last two years. The IRS was now claiming her deceased mother owed over $40,000 in unpaid taxes. She could not believe what was happening! While she was still in mourning, the IRS threatened to seize her mother’s house – where her siblings still lived. She felt like she was being kicked while she was down. Jill called her attorney, who quickly referred the case to our firm. After investigating the case, our firm discovered Jill’s parents had never filed their 1993 returns. Unfortunately, the IRS decided to file a separate return for her mother which contained several huge errors. Due to a long illness, her father had no taxable income that year. Thus, the IRS didn’t file a separate 1993 return for him. Our firm helped Jill gather her parent’s 1993 tax information together. Next, we determined that her parents qualified to file a joint return that year, even though her father had no taxable income. Our firm prepared and filed a joint return, which Jill signed as executor of both her parents’ estates. As a result, our firm was able to reduce the assessment to just over $5,000. Jill was greatly relieved.