No Pardon for Billy the Kid: What About YOUR Tax Problems?

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has just announced that he will not pardon Billy the Kid, citing a lack of conclusiveness and historical ambiguity surrounding the pardon allegedly promised to Billy by then governor Lee Wallace.   The value of a pardon to Billy is of some question, as he has been dead for quite a while now. If he was hoping for official state forgiveness from some spectral perspective, surely he is disappointed but not surprised — many commentators had said the pardon didn’t have a ghost of a chance.

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Why did the effort to pardon Billy the Kid fall apart?  Some of the issue is the lack of clear documentation about what happened around Billy’s case.  A lack of documentation can be a big problem for tax payers as well: without the right records and proof of your income, expenses, and more, it’s difficult to defend yourself against allegations from the IRS and state tax authorities.  If they say you’re not in compliance, and you have no proof to the contrary, are you out of options?

Did you know that the IRS keeps records about every taxpayer?  The Freedom of Information Act, passed by Congress in 1966 and updated three times since, entitles you to a copy of the file the IRS has on you.  Getting a copy of this file can be essential in helping you determine the best way to resolve your tax issues.  Professionals such as a tax CPA or income tax attorney request and access these records all of the time to best protect their client’s interests.  You can request a copy of your file yourself, but that request from an individual taxpayer can attract unwanted attention.  Interpreting the IRS’s files is difficult and requires specialized knowledge.

You deserve qualified, experienced professional assistance with your tax problems.  You have a right to know the information the IRS keeps about you and your family!  There may be some unanswered questions about Billy the Kid’s history with the government — but you don’t need to have any unanswered questions yourself!