PunxsutawneyPhil Says An Early Spring – The Weatherman Says Snow This Weekend: How Do You Know Who To Trust?

Earlier this week, PunxsutawneyPhil – thought by many to be the Groundhog In The Know – let the world know to expect an early spring. Meanwhile, a massive storm unloaded snow, ice, and freezing rain over much of the country. More snow is expected to arrive this weekend.

Maybe Phil’s story is just too good to be true. Spring, early, late or otherwise, seems like nothing more than a dream when everything is covered in nearly two feet of snow!

For many people, the news that there is help for their tax problems seems like that dream: too good to possibly be true. If you’re struggling with unpaid taxes, unfiled returns, or the IRS threatening to levy your wages or place a lien on your property, the thought that there may someday be relief doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be a reality.

Knowing Who To Trust With Your Tax Problems

When you’re searching for someone to solve your tax problems, you have to decide: do you want a PunxsutawneyPhil, who makes promises that sound great but lack detail, or your local weatherman, who might not offer a totally rosy forecast but can provide you with dependable information you can use to make good decisions?

Most of us choose to depend on the weatherman. When it comes time to consider your tax problems, you have the same type of choice to make. Do you want the rosy projections or the accurate forecast guiding you in your dealings with the IRS?

Some tax resolution companies offer almost magical results – but they’re very short on details about how they’re going to solve your tax problems. The disconnect between promises made by companies like TaxMasters, American Tax Relief, J K Harris, and Roni Deutch has been so great that both organizations have run into legal trouble. Do a Google search and check it out for yourself!

Choose instead a tax solutions company that listens to your circumstances, explains your options, and gives you a realistic set of expectations. When you’re armed with expert assistance and accurate tax information, you have a much greater chance of resolving your IRS issues successfully.