Is An IRS Audit The Last Word? Not Necessarily!

Audit Appeals

Once you receive the results of an IRS audit – which generally includes a large bill that you have to pay – you have three options.  You can pay the bill, request an informal review with the auditor’s group manager, or file a formal request for appeal.

If you went through the initial audit without help or representation, NOW is the time to get professional help. Have a licensed tax professional review your situation.  There are many factors that go into deciding whether or not an audit stands or is overturned upon appeal.

Bear in mind that IRS auditors are trained to get information out of the taxpayer. The tactics they use are often frightening, especially to the taxpayer who doesn’t know what rights and protections they have.  An IRS auditor is not going to volunteer the information that their decisions can be questioned – or even overturned!

Appealing An IRS Audit Successfully

Appealing an IRS audit is difficult, but it is not impossible.  Prepare yourself for success by having competent, professional tax assistance from an audit accountant, licensed tax professional, or other expert. The vast majority of audits that are overturned or altered significantly upon appeal have a tax professional involved.  An individual taxpayer, particularly one with no tax experience, is at a significant disadvantage when they try to appeal on their own.

The primary advantages of having a tax professional represent you in appealing an IRS audit is that it introduces a significant degree of separation between you and the IRS as well as having someone with years of experience in dealing with the IRS on your side.  The IRS will be talking to your tax accountant, not you.  The phone calls will go to the tax professional’s office – not your home!  This eliminates stress and gives you the peace of mind that the problem is being handled. Your tax professional’s experience will also get you a better result than you could have gotten on your own since he knows how the IRS operates, what your rights are, and how to maneuver through the IRS maze.