Testimonial Letters

Over the years, we have received many letters and cards from clients thanking us for resolving their tax problems once and for all. These clients, like you, are from every walk of life. Our IRS tax resolution firm has represented doctors, business owners, restaurateurs, farmers, teachers, self-employed people, engineers – the list goes on.

All of these clients were afraid, anxious, stressed, and/or depressed about their tax problems. Most of them could not even sleep at night and lay awake night after night worrying about their tax problems. Nervously, they waited for the other shoe to drop and feared the IRS or state would show up at their front door at any moment. They didn’t know how to end their tax nightmare and who to turn to for help. Then, they found and called us. We analyzed their options and developed a tailor-made strategy to resolve their tax problems. Next, we prepared and filed any outstanding tax returns with the IRS and state. Finally, we executed their tailor-made strategy to resolve their tax problems forever. As a result, life got back to normal and so did their sleeping habits.

The testimonials presented are actual scans of letters or cards received from clients over the years. The quality of the print is not great, but we wanted to show you the original letters without paraphrasing. You are welcome to browse through the letters – there are 13 of them that we put online here. Please note – clients’ last names and street addresses have been hidden to protect their identities.